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[CJ Fearnley Photo]Basic Biography

[PDF]6 Page Bio of CJ Fearnley.

I am born Christopher J. Fearnley in Troy, NY, USA,on the planet Earth to John Albert Fearnley and MarilynJean Fearnley.
I teach chess lessons to first gradersfor my first job.
I graduate from Bethlehem Central High School, Delmar, NY.
Member, V.P., President Math Club, Binghamton University, 1985-1989.
Voting Member Undergraduate CurriculumCommittee, Math Department, Binghamton University, 1986-1989.
Organizer, President Chess Club,Binghamton University, 1987-1989.
Pipe Dream publishesmy Perspective on "Changed Requirements Would Hurt Choices"in the February 16, 1988 issue.
Founder and organizer of the Bucky Fuller Spaceship EarthClub, Binghamton University.
I serve as a Student Intern: System Design inLOTUS 1-2-3, New York State DOT (Department OfTransportation) Engineering R & D Bureau.
I graduate from Binghamton Universitywith a B.A. in Mathematical Sciences andPhilosophy.
Begin many in-between jobs: Clerical & Retail Work,Supervisor; Prepare book displays, Cashier, 1989-1991.
I volunteer as a Shop Teacher's Aide (K-6).
I serve as a Substitute Teacher, West PhiladelphiaElementary Schools.
My essay Reading Synergetics:Some Tipsis published in Trimtab.
I help prepare a FDA (Food and DrugAdministration) NDA (New Drug Application) forTagamet-CR, SmithKline Beecham.
I begin exploring Linux with kernel 0.99.13 and the SLSdistribution.
Bookkeeper for WPMFFood Co-op, 1993-2000.
I become the Unix SIG leader atPACS.
I begin writing 29columnns on Unix/Linux that are published in TheDatabus (1993 - 1997).
I post the first version of theTheR. Buckminster Fuller FAQ tolistGeodesic on 20 May 1994.
I serve as Promotion Analysis Administrator (customerand computer service), SmithKline Beecham.
I work on the help desk and as a systems administratorfor Netaxs.
I secure my first Linux consulting jobs.
I become a Debian developer.
I initiate thePhiladelphia area Linux User Group (PLUG).
My Linux consulting work succeeds to the point where Ileave Netaxs to become a full-time, self-employed Linuxconsultant.
The first version of my essayIntegrity:An Essay on God is published on my web site.
Chief of Engineering, Internet21, 1997-1999.
I release version 1.1of the Buckminster Fuller FAQ (August).
I releaseversion 1.2 of the Buckminster Fuller FAQ (April).
I releaseversion 1.3 of the Buckminster Fuller FAQ (May).
I initiate the formation of thePhiladelphia Area Debian Society (PADS).
I help foundLinuxForce Inc.and assume the position of Executive Vice President andChief Technology Officer.
Extensive interview published in Dome Magazine (ISSN 1041-1607), Volume 12,Number 2, Winter 1999-2000, pp. 18-25.
Merge Internet consulting business intoLinuxForce Inc.
I help found AdminForceRemote LLC and assume the position of President andChief Technology Officer.
I help found and organize the Synergetics Collaborative.
I give two presentations at the October 6th Synergeticspowwow in Falls Church, VA:
I release version 1.4 of theBuckminster Fuller FAQ (November).
I am namedPresident and CEO of LinuxForce Inc.
I present a "10 minute" talk Linux and Synergeticsat PLUG's March meeting.
I am profiled in theJuly-August2003 issue of BU Alumni Connect.
I start writing out my Business Philosophy.
I publish a compilation, The Triangle: A One-Page Primer.
Jeannie Moberly and I have our workSupercircles: ExpandingBuckminster Fuller's Foldable Circle Models published in the peer reviewed Proceedings for the2004 Bridges:Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Scienceconference.We presented an early draft of the paper at theSpring2004 SNEC Symposium on Cosmic Fishing.We preparedslides summarizingour Supercircles work which we used for a seminaron 23 July at Binghamton University and on 30 July atSouthwestern College(2004 BridgesConference).
I launch My 2004Presidential Campaign Notebook.
I start maintaining a web pageBuckminster FullerIn The News.
The DelawareValley Chapter of the ICCA invited me to give a talkSurvey of Linuxand Open Source Technologies and their Business Functions:An Introduction to Linux and Open Source for ComputerConsultants on 9 December 2004.
My articleAnIntroduction to Linux and Open Source forComputer Consultants is published in the January issue ofConsultingMatters.
I gave an invited presentationUNIX/Linux OverviewFor Law Enforcement Personnel (PDF) as partof an FBI training course "Introduction To Cyber CrimeInvestigations".
I gave a "lightning" presentationOpen SourceSoftware for Higher Mathematics: An Overview of AvailableTools to the PhillyLinux Users' Group (PLUG)
Iam Named to the Philadelphia Business Journal "40 Under 40" List.
I gave a presentation to PANTUG (Philadelphia Area Network TechnologiesUser Group) entitledSurvey ofLinux and Open Source Technologies and their BusinessFunctions: An Introduction for Information TechnologyProfessionals
Iam interviewed by Cameron Reilly of "G'Day World"
I am interviewedby Michael Riversong of The TeslaAcademy Podcast Interview Series
Co-organize an AMSSpecial Session on Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics andMathematics at the Courant Institute of MathematicalSciences at New York University (NYU).and give a presentation on Explorations to Definea Theory of Foldable Great Circle Origami at it.
I gave a presentation on ComprehensiveAnticipatory Systems Administration:Thoughts AboutEternally Regenerative Software Administration to thePhiladelphia LinuxUsers Group.
I gave a presentation on ExploringFoldable Great Circle Geometries to the EighthInterdisciplinary Conference of the International Society ofthe Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture (ISAMA 2009)in Albany, NY.My abstract was published in the ISAMA2009 Conference Proceedings issue of Hyperseeing.
I participated in, commented upon, and produced a video ofa discussion from the Synergetics Collaborative's Workshopat SUNY Oswego on 12 Jul 2009.
LinuxForce launches a new website RemoteResponder and a new blog on Managing FOSS forBusiness Results.
I give two presentations at the LinuxForceseminar "Managing Free and Open SourceSoftware (FOSS) for Business Results": "ASurvey of FOSS Tools for Business Results" and "ManagingFOSS for Business Results".
I launch a new personal blog: Syntropy: CJ Fearnley'sBlog.
I agree to lead regular meetups forthe BenFranklin Thinking Society's on Science andTechnology.
I earned a Statementof Accomplishment from Jennifer Widom forcompleting the on-line course Introduction toDatabases.
I earned a Statementof Accomplishment from Scott E. Pagefor completing the on-line course ModelThinking.
In collaboration with JeannieMoberly, I publish a paper on"Harmonic Perspective" in the peer-reviewedproceedings of the Bridges 2012 conference andgive a presentationon Harmonic Perspective as part of our joint work on HarmonicPerspective.
I deliver presentations on EducationAutomation Now and in the Future and Synergeticsand Model Thinking at the ReVIEWING BlackMountain College 4:Looking Forward at Buckminster Fuller'sLegacy conference.
I become a Co-Organizer for GreaterPhiladelphia Thinking Society.
I earned a Statement ofAccomplishment with Distinction signed by Carol Muller of theUniversity of Pennsylvania for the Coursera course on Listening toWorld Music.
I earned a Statement ofAccomplishment with Distinction signed by Roger D. Peng ofJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for the Coursera course on Computing forData Analysis.
I earned a Statement ofAccomplishment signed by Karl T. Ulrich of theUniversity of Pennsylvania for the Coursera course on Design: Creationof Artifacts in Society.
I earned a Statementof Accomplishment signed by Jeffrey Leek of Johns HopkinsUniversity for completing the on-line course DataAnalysis.
I gave apresentation on Data Analysis in Linux to the Philadelphia area LinuxUsers Group (PLUG).
I earned a Statement ofAccomplishment with Distinction signed by Wendell Porter of theUniversity of Florida for the Coursera course on GlobalSustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future.
I become a Co-Organizer for Math Counts.
I earned a Statement ofAccomplishment with Distinction signed by Arnold Weinstein ofBrown University for the Coursera course on Fiction ofRelationship.
I earned a Statement ofAccomplishment signed by Jonathan Tomkin of theUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for the Coursera course on Introduction toSustainability.
I earned a certificatefor successfully completing for the UTAustinX course 1.01x: Energy101 on the edX platform.
I earned an HonorCode Certificate for the UTAustinXcourse UT.9.01xEffective Thinking Through Mathematics on the edX platform.
I earned an Certificatefor the SantaFe Institute course Introductionto Complexity (Spring, 2014) with Melanie Mitchell on the ComplexityExplorer platform.
I am a guest on the TV program Conversations withHarold Channer (Part 1 and Part 2). Iwritean Addendum to the conversation to expand on several pointsdiscussed.
I am a guest on the Internet Radio program Science 2.0: Science for the Rest of Us - MathCounts Meetup with host Joseph Heard. Listento our 05/09/2015 podcast here.
In collaboration with JeannieMoberly, I publish Perspectiveson Borges' Library of Babel in the peer-reviewedproceedings of the Bridges 2015 conference andgive a presentationon Perspectives on Borges' Library of Babel as part of our joint work on HarmonicPerspective.
I earn a Statement ofAccomplishment for the course Modern &Contemporary American Poetry, Al Filreis of the University ofPennsylvania on the Coursera platform.
I earn an Honor Code Certificate for the course 8.MechCx:AP® Physics C: Classical Mechanics offerred by MITx on theedX platform.
I gave a lightningpresentation on High-performance PHP onApache using mod proxy fcgi and php-fpm to thePhiladelphia area Linux Users Group(PLUG).
Help organize Philadelphia Eco-District Incubator.
I write the essay The Objective, The Subjective, and The Nature of Design Science.

Current Positions


Making the World Work: The Pursuit of Humanity's Option for Success

Blue Marble 2012: Image of Earth from Space: aka Spaceship Earth

Like most of my fellow Earthians, I am concerned about how to make theworld work better.There are many issues that I care about such asdemocracy,energy,the environment,globalization,education, and the problem of violence to name but a few.Here I will document my thinking about what needs to be done for Humanityto achieve its option for success.

The challenge before us is tremendous.Buckminster Fullerargued that our choice is between utopia and oblivion. Fullerdocumented that Humanity now has sufficient know-how to make goodour option to succeed:we can substantially solve our most pressing problems.Recentcrises remind us that the option of oblivion is continually before us.The steady stream of religiously- and politically-motivated violence,the widespread availability of the instruments of destruction, and thecontinuing deterioration of the environment give us pause and remind usthat Universe is willing and able to revoke our species' "right"to survive and may do so at any moment.Doomsday clock: Three Minutes to MidnightI think our survival depends and will forever depend on the Integrityof each individual human being to act "in support of eternallyregenerative Universe".The balance hangs on the choices that eachindividual citizen makes to resolve or mitigate the complex of problems(large and small) that threaten the effective operation and regenerationof the life support systems on Spaceship Earth.It is up to each ofus individually ... We have the power!Our dailychoices determine if Universe will extend its grant to Humanity of the"right" of survival for one more day.Therefore, it is ourresponsibility as individuals to dare to do what little we can to steerthe world closer to omni-success and away from the brink of oblivion.We can make a difference.We cansucceed.We must succeed as the alternative is oblivion.But it will be touch-and-go every day.

Please consider what you can do to support eternally regenerativeUniverse.

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important thatyou do it.
-- Mahatma Gandhi

My own working assumption of why we are here is that we are here aslocal-Universe information-gatherers and that we are given access to thedivine design principles so that we can therefrom objectively inventinstruments and tools -- e.g., the microscope and the telescope --with which to extend all sensorial inquiring regarding the rest ofthe to-the-naked-eye-invisible, micro-macro Universe, because humanbeings, tiny though we are, are here for all the local-Universeinformation-harvesting and cosmic-principle-discovering, objectivetool-inventing, and local-environment-controlling as local Universeproblem-solvers in support of the integrity of eternally regenerativeUniverse.
-- R. Buckminster Fuller


Integrity is the most continually importantissue in human affairs.We must, each of us, persevere to consider andre-consider our values and the value of our actions.Integrity implieshonesty ... honesty with oneself and with others.Integrity impliestruth: being true to the facts of experience and true to oneselfand true to others including all Humanity, our Earth-Ocean-Air World, Universe,and God.Integrity requires consideration andre-consideration of the whole and all of the parts and their synergeticinterrelationships.Total, complete integrity is impossible for finitehumans to fully achieve.For human beings, Integrity is a never endingprocess requiring diligence, discipline, dedication, and continualre-dedication.

The following is a list of web sites that address the issue of Integrityfrom a number of perspectives that seem to me to be supportive of thesuccess of Humans in Universe:

The Design Science Revolution

The Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science Revolutiondesignates the thread in Buckminster Fuller's philosophy that emphasizesthe need to radically re-orient Humanity's problem-solving efforts by theemployment of the practice of science in a comprehensive and anticipatoryfashion toward the design of effective solutions to better meet the needsof 100% of Humanity.The emphasis is on the design of comprehensivesolutions ... ones that work sustainably because they have anticipatedcomprehensively all factors relevant to the problem space.

The success of all humanity can be accomplished only by a terrestriallycomprehensive, technologically competent, design revolution. This revolutionmust develop artifacts where energy-use efficiency not only occasions theartifacts' spontaneous adoption by humanity, but also occasions theinadvertent, unregretted abandonment and permanent obsolescence of sociallyand economically undesirable viewpoints, customs and practices.
-- Buckminster Fuller

The essential message of Fuller's design science is that human beingshave access to the design laws of Universe, and a responsibility to use theextraordinary phenomenon of mind to discover and apply such principles. Ourfunction is problem-solving. Synergetics, the discipline behind Fuller'smore-with-less philosophy, above all encourages us to experiment. Thismaterial is superbly suited to nurture and enhance creativity, demanding bothnumerical rigor and intuitive leaps. ...

A design science revolution is imperative.
-- Amy Edmondson

I maintain a references and resource pagefor the Design Science Revolution.

Girls' Education

According to UNICEF's State of World's Children 2004 "Girls' education:There can be no excuses. Education is the most effective tool availableto promote global development".

A list of resources on Girls' Education

The Problem of Security (Public Safety)

Right now, the crisis in public safety is the most critical issuefacing all Earthians (the human capability to destroy is tremendous anddifficult but necessary to control).In my view the problem with boththe "war on terror" and the terrorists themselves is that violence isseen as an effective means to their ends.Experience since September11th corroborates the observation, that violence generally begets moreviolence.The recent calls to war of the leaders of India, Israel, the USA, andNorth Korea serve to further jeopardize the security of the planetas a whole.We need a sound, incisive, effective, comprehensivelyconsiderate path toward security.

Security is mostly a superstition.It does not exist in nature ... Lifeis either a daring adventure or nothing.
-- Helen Keller

War is obsolete.
-- R. Buckminster Fuller

"There can be no political stability and no assured peace withouteconomic security. ... [US policy must therefore] be directed notagainst any country or doctrine, but against hunger, poverty,desperation, and chaos."
-- General George Marshall

My nascent plan for addressing the globalsecurity problem.

Here is a list of sites advocating peaceful means for improving security:

[Tux, the Linux Penguin] Linux -- An Operating System for Business and Humanity

Linux has tremendous stability,power, and flexibility; it is ideal for business applications.I knew that Linux would become a winning system as early as 1994 andworked hard to master it thoroughly.I think Linux's most important strengthsare its open source licensingand its world-around, Internet-connected, cooperative, community-baseddevelopment approach.This vibrant community from which Linux emerged andto which it gives strength and support is unique for an industrial tool.I have supported the Philadelphia Area Linux communityin several ways.First, with my stint as UNIX SIG leaderat The Philadelphia AreaComputer Society (PACS).Then with the organization of Philadelphia Linux Users Group(PLUG).Finally, with the formation of PhiladelphiaArea Debian Society (PADS).

The Linux consulting practice which I started in 1995 has expandedto tackle ever more ambitious projects via a pioneering company formedin 1999 and named LinuxForceInc.LinuxForce is a leading technology services providerspecializing in the development, implementation, management andsupport of Linux-based systems, with a particular expertise in DebianGNU/Linux and Ubuntu.In 2009, LinuxForce launched a new website Remote Responder to explain itsservices to provide systems maintenance & monitoring with support& emergency coverage.In conjunction with the educational effortin support of our the Remote Responder services, we launched a new blogon Managing FOSS for BusinessResults (where FOSS is the acronym for Free and Open Source Software.

Statement on the Use of Linux in Small Business

I advocate using Linux in enterprising smallbusinesses.I contend that Linux provides tools for small businessesto build competitive advantage in their niche markets.Since Linux andit's main distributions are freely available in source form, the motivatedentrepreneur can launch her business without the overhead of evaluatingillions of commercial offerings (many of whichwon't do exactly what will be required anyway).Instead one canfocus on integrating (and, if necessary, modifying) pre-existingLinux "tools" to meet needs.This is the power of theUnix"toolkit" approach to software: each software "tool"is designed to work synergetically with other "tools".Once onelearns how to use software as a tool, one will be frustrated by systemsthat try to do everything in one big application(one of the more extreme ideas along this line being the web browser asan operating system).Open source software allows the businesspersonthe ability to make custom software relatively easily and relativelyinexpensively.Moreover, when one shares their improvements with therest of the Linux community, they will get helpful feedback about howto improve the system further in a mutually cooperative feedback loop.For more information on unexpected occurrences of cooperation see Robert Axelrod'sTheEvolution of Cooperation.

[Debian Logo]  TheDebian Project

Debian is a Linux distribution,i.e., a collection of software based around the Linux kernelpre-configured for ease of installation, administration, and use.I have found Debian to be relatively easy to configure and upgrade(upgradeability is the biggest strength of Debian over other Linuxdistributions including Red Hat which is IMO much inferior in thisregard).Hence Debian has become the cornerstone of my Linux use.

Debianis a volunteer run project (there are presently some 1000 people workingon Debian).Debian's open development make it very valuable to smallbusiness.First, since all of the Debian software comes with full sourcecode, one can relatively easily fix any bugs that are important to yourbusiness (no need to wait around for the vendor to fix them!).Secondly,if a package is crucial to your business and the current maintainer istoo busy to fix a bug, someone on staff can volunteer to make an interimrelease or perhaps take over maintenance of said package.In this wayall of the important software gradually gravitates to developers whosebusiness depends on the reliability of that software.I think thisprocess of gravitation to the competent, concerned developers is one ofthe reasons Debian has become so stable.Finally, one can monitor theprogress of development and contribute to the direction of the systemby participating in some of Debian's numerous mailing lists.In sum,Debian gives small businesses the software leverage they need to beextra competitive.

My contributions to the Linux community

[BuckyPicture]  BuckminsterFuller -- an Inspirational Voice in my life!

I have read almost everything Bucky ever published as well asmuch that has been written about him in the late 1980s and early1990s.I have built many geometrical models to investigate hissynergetics(a mathematical/physical/philosophical system about the shape of thinkingand the nature of Universe).Fuller's philosophy and values have stronglyinfluenced my own.Fundamentally, I think one needs to puzzle thingsout for oneself.So I mostly stopped reading the Fuller literaturein the mid-1990s.Instead, I've immersed myself in the complexity oflife's problems:How to make the world better?How to eat?And so on."Philosophy if not mechanically applied is worthless" -- torephrase something I remember Fuller once wrote.

I maintain the Buckminster Fuller FAQwhich I started compiling in the early 1990s.Thesource is written in SGML and hasbeen converted to plain text,PDF, LaTeX,postscript, and lyxby the SGML-Tools package.The following older versions of the FAQ are available in SGML sourceformat only: v.1.1, 1 August 1998,v.1.2, 1 April 1999, andv.1.3.0, 10 May 1999.

I maintain a list of Buckminster FullerResources on the Internet that are relevant to his work.

In 2002, I begin work to form the Synergetics Collaborativea new organization to build the Synergetics field of study as developedby R. Buckminster Fuller.

On 5 March 2003, I presented a "10 minute" talkLinux and Synergetics at thePLUG meeting.

On 6 October 2002, I presented these two papers to a gatheringon Synergetics in Falls Church, VA.

In 1994, I generated the following images of basicpolyhedra using POV-Ray:Tetrahedron,Octahedron,Icosahedron (vertex view),Icosahedron (face view),Cube or Hexahedron,Cube Tetrahedron,Cube in Rhombic Dodecahedron,Icosahedron in Cube,Rhombic Dodecahedron,Star Tetrahedron,Octahedron in a Tetrahedron,Truncated Ocatahedra,Vector Equilibrium.

In 1995, I make these Geodesic Spheres usingdome.

In 1991, My essay ReadingSynergetics:Some Tips was published inTrimtab.

Open Question On The Events Of 11 September 2001

I've been thinking about how 19 human beings could so severely hate thatthey would so coldly give their lives.An American, Nathan Hale, said "Iregret that I have but one life to give to my country." The 19 attackersof September 11th were so convinced of their case against the USA thatthey took Hale's patriotic sentiment to a new and ghastly level.Why?

Why do they hate the USA so much?This question pains me more than any other.

As conscientious citizens of Spaceship Earthwe need to address the deeper issues of hatred,violenceand its causes, because the level of hatred on display in New York andWashington on September 11th will not go away with military and policeactions alone.

What will it take to rid the world of the type of hatred that fromtime-to-time leads to abhorrent violence?

[Rhombic Dodecahedron] My Favorite Quotes and Poems

It is not for me to change you.The question is, how can I be of service toyou without diminishing your degrees of freedom?-- Buckminster Fuller
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