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Stainless Steel could very well be the metalof the 21st Century. Its beautiful shiny lustre and ability to combat corrosion,with the fact it is 100% recyclable, make it the man-made metal whose timehas come. Less than a century old, stainless steel has become an integralpart of our everyday life.

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Chlorine  (like that in salt) can eat thru and destroy the thin protectivelayer of passivation that protects stainless steel from corrosion. If chlorinegets on your stainless, clean it with fresh water immediately. Chlorine isto stainless, like cancer is to the human body.

Consumer Alert!

Never use muriatic acid to clean tile or stone grout around a stainless steelrefrigerator or appliance. The fumes are enough to permanently discolor thestainless. Always remember - it's stain-less - not stain-proof.

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