90% of Twitter conversations are noise.*

TheHerdLocker filters out retweets, requotes and people sharing the stuff you've already seen but which is obscured by URL shorteners. This free service produces realtime feeds of fresh content, highlighting the popular, and leaders who share it early.

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For almost 5 years we've tracked hundreds of millions of tweets related to the hashtags requested by our users (within a Twitterverse generating half a billion tweets per day) filtering out retweets, innocent duplicates, spam...

Then we sort and rank the remaining 9-10%. The good stuff. No ads. All free.

Recent Updates

21-Apr-20   Updated page footers to reflect that we made it to 2020...Also added #telehealth.
04-Jan-19   Updated page footers to reflect that we made it to 2019.
22-Oct-18   Added #privateEquity for a mate.
10-Oct-18   Removed #cyberSecurity because so many damn tweets per second had obnoxious effects on the db server.
07-Sep-18   Removed #devops as nobody cares.
04-Jul-18   Added #cyberSecurity and removed #eGov as not enough people were following it.
01-Jun-18   Added #angularJS as it has become far more popular than #angular2.
10-Jan-18   Setting page footers to say 2018 (duh) and also adding #HRtech.
10-Oct-17   JS hack to redirect unwanted backlink farmers. In case they're too busy to see we don't carry ads or guest posts.
05-Oct-17   Added #geothermal and #oncology.
11-Sep-17   Improved stability by reducing database size from 2 years to 6 months.