Thank you for visiting the official website for Bud's Auto Parts & Used Car Sales, a family owned, multi-faceted auto repair, installation, and exportation business that has been serving South Florida for over 60 years. We not only find those "hard-to-find" parts, but also install and repair both domestic and foreign automobiles. Our staff is bilingual, speaking Spanish and English, and if we do not have a part in-store, we will find it.

Servicing the part needs of professional mechanics, DIYers, and the public since 1954.

Our exportation services cover all of Central and South America, along with the Caribbean Islands. Contact us, speak to our knowledgeable staff, and see how we can help you. We provide a toll free number, 1-866-283-7288, for customers who are outside the Miami area and look forward to helping you find what you need. Again, thank you for visiting Bud's Auto Parts & Used Car Sales and we hope to help you soon.

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Best Prices Paid for Junk Cars
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