Pivot Interactives—A Resource All Chemistry Teachers Should Know About

As many teachers are preparing for the possibility of teaching online next semester, we are revisiting posts from the ChemEd X archives like this one?that might be of help.?As a teacher, having the freedom to create or edit something within my instruction based on the needs of my students is incredibly important to me. So, when I found out the activities in Pivot Interactives are completely customizable, I was thrilled.?(Originally published 12/14/18)

What’s going on inside their head? - Student-made videos for metacognitive problem solving

Metacognition is a learner-focused evaluation of knowledge growth and an essential process?for complete and lasting knowledge.?Although virtual learning environments pose challenges for facilitating?metacognitive activities, student-made videos are effective for?increasing metacognition in?online chemistry instruction.

Ice Cores, Stable Isotopes, Climate Change, and Chemistry

Ice core science is truly cross-disciplinary as it draws extensively from chemistry, geophysics, geology, engineering, oceanography, microbiology, statistics, a deep understanding of historical events, atmospheric science, and climate science. And general chemistry topics include?solubility, concentration, phase diagrams and changes, and stable isotopes in addition to many others. Let's take a first look at how ice core science can be used in teaching chemistry.?

JCE 97.06 June 2020 Issue Highlights

Learning How to Do Chemistry

The of the Journal of Chemical Education is now available to subscribers. Topics featured in this issue include: innovative curriculum; exploring kinetics; engaging organic chemistry activities; molecular structure and symmetry; polymer chemistry; technology-based instruction; synthesis laboratories; undergraduate research experiences; from the archives: bath bombs and cosmetics chemistry.

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