Sunday, October 30, 2011

Youth Juice - antioxidants and anti-inflammatory in one

I have returned to consistency with my YouthJuice in the past few weeks and have been feeling the anti-inflammatories working. YJ contains three sea vegetables that are natural anti-inflammatories, great for dealing with allergies. I have dust allergies and with a freeway close by our house, plus our dog, we've got alot of dust in the house. When I stopped using my YJ everyday my allergiescame back with a vengence and I had to resort to using antihistamines to get back on track for clearing them up. Now the allergies are still here but not taking over my life. I can sleep throught the night without clogging up and can get through my day without using drugs to be able to breath clear. The puffiness in my face returned drastically, and I have seen the puffiness dissappear in a matter of days, just like back when I first started using YJ. Wonderful - and I'm off to get my daily double shot now.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The right way to use Tresemme dry shampoos for best results!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TRESemmé for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was at the saloon to straighten my hair when the hairstylist advised me to avoid washing my hair daily. She said daily shampooing is not recommended for everyone to which i promptly asked her how to tame my frizzy hair in between washes. She advised me a dry shampoo, for when my hair would get back its normal texture, and i was amazed that without having to use a single drop of water, dry shampoos can help you restore that fresh look and feel on days skipping a shampoo! I think that no one would like to suffer rough or oily hair for that matter, but i'm sure knowing how to use dry shampoos the right way will fetch you the best results.

Some tips for the best results from a bottle of TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo would be:

Shaking of the bottle vigorously in between uses and sprays.

Spray down from the roots lifting sections of hair.

Spray 18-20 inches away from the head using short bursts.

Continuous spraying should be avoided like shampoo.

Leave on the hair for 1 or 2 minutes.

Spread the burst on your hair evenly using your fingers or a brush.

In case of clogging remove the nozzle and wash with warm water before reattaching.

Now introducing a new line of dry shampoos from TRESemmé Fresh Start, which for its use, you don't need a single drop of water and yet you can attain a fresh look. Its special formulated ingredients absorb the excess oil from your hair, rejuvenating its look, with an odor free fresh feel!

And all the above can be gotten with a citrus burst infused into each product  to get that clean look and fresh scent feel.

The strengthening dry shampoo contains vitamins B12 and keratin and helps strengthen and leave hair healthy.

The voulmizing shampoo contains mineral clay and citrus and removes oil from hair.

The soothing dry shampoo contains vitamin H and silk proteins and ensures a smooth look. 

The moisturizing waterless foam shampoo contains witch hazel, aloe vera and citrus which refreshes hair by removing excess oil.  

To view the Top Hair Products for School and Celeb Elle Fowler who has teamed up with Tresemme to create a video, please visit the video below...

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New wishlist as Christmas is nearing! :-)

Just cant wait for my big shopping spree coming on this month and the next. Cant believe Christmas is just a few days from now(it feels so, at least) and i ain't prepared when I'm supposed to be the perfectionist when it comes to organizing parties! I've rarely been doing in recent years but when i used to, it was one hell of a party for everyone! Anyway, so I've got a new wish list and to be the host of any party, one got to be the best dressed amongst all the others in the room! See, that's what i said i ain't hosting parties if I'm not perfectly dressed to be the host ;-)

I've already bought a few things i was missing in my make up and skin care kit, and quite satisfied with the ponds newest white beauty, will review that later after few days of using, but it already feels so great to use, and the skin feel soft and supple unlike the previous white beauty. So, I'm quite keen on trying the other newest products to be lounged in the market soon! Cant wait actually but its not yet salary time for me and I've already made holes in my hubbies pockets! hehe..

I'm not a person who would pounce on every new product out but it doesn't harm to try the products i think products are essential for my make up and skin care kit... I'm loving the new colossal kajal from maybelline and wow, my eyes don't bleed anymore! ow I'm eyeing the newest range of lipsticks from Revlon... lets see what I'm able to get my hand on.. till then I've got to browse thoroughly for reviews if i can find any to avoid getting my money down the drain as the price of cosmetics are soaring high, would would consider jewellery instead but till my get my hands on those new lippies I'm not resting in peace! Wait for my reviews! :-)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Medical training courses at Oxford Medical

I've known a lot of my friends have who have enrolled in training courses for a better career, especially when it came to a medical career, because this is the only one you'll make a difference in others lives But it doesn't come easily, and involves lot of hard work and dedication even before you begin the actual journey into your profession, with the required training and courses. So have you considered a consultant interview course lately? One of the flagship courses at Oxford Medical. They've trained doctors from every medical and surgical specialty, and the courses offered by them are management courses, interview skills, etc and are one of the largest development companies in the UK!

The medical teaching course helps to monitor learning abilities of the learner and through a behavioral observation between teacher and learner and helps teachers customize learning exercise after identifying learning deficiencies.

The medical management course is for doctors who working in primary and secondary care and wish to receive formal training on management and leadership.

During the teach the teacher course one can learn a lot covering topics like teaching skills to know your audiences, learning styles to know how your learning skills effect your teaching, and effective listening to know how well you listen with the help of group exercise.

Happy Birthday to my little sister, Amanda!

Miss my sister baby sis Amanda(Mandy) who turns sweet 16 today and wondering what shes doing today as she might be celebrating her birthday at the boarding but i wont be able to wish her, coz when we are not even able to meet her, talk to her, or even share sisterly affection being so close yet so far... i wont be able to wish her but on this day i would like to tell her to reach for the stars, never settle for less, and live life to it's fullest.. i'm sad i cant wish you but i did dream about it which means I live reality in dreams, strange but true... we'll be together some day, and we'll make up for all the sisterly love, and fights we missed...and want her to know i'm thinking about her and that i love and care for her... :) :(

Update- 9.am, 27th Oct
The day isn't over so i wish you dear sis, Happy Birthday once again... God bless you Mandy, may you pass out of school with flying colors and i wish you all the happiness of the world... i'm happy for you, even though your are away and i miss you so much and i keep remembering your childish habits and love for dance, and music like me, but you've got to study hard and reach new heights we'll all be proud of... its a whole year since i've met you and dying to see you again... we might be away from each other but you're always in my heart, in all our hearts... we share a bond that nothing can sever, always remember this... i know one day we'll be reading this together and i want to say, i still remember how i danced in the middle of the fields in school on this day many years ago when i heard of your birth! i was overjoyed coz you were what i always wanted, a younger sis, and dint get peace until i saw you for the first time on reaching home from school... Alisha resembled you as a baby! you both looked like Chinese dolls, pink, chink and chubby, and i see you in her when i miss you but i need you sis! So be good, girl, study hard and stay away from trouble... i hope your day was filled with lots of love and laughter... take care, from all of us here :-)
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