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Temenos Catholic Worker is a not-for-profit ministry that provides support to homeless youth in the Polk Street neighborhood of San Francisco. Ministry is carried out in the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth and in the Catholic Worker tradition of Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin.

Urban Retreats and Volunteer avaliable upon request.

We are 501(c)3 Non-profit.

Ministries Provided:

  • Harm Reduction: Provision of food, clothing and other necessary personal items; needle exchange; condom distribution.
  • Sacramental and Pastoral Care: As a part of providing a living presence of God's accepting love in San Francisco's Tenderloin/"Polk Gulch"/Haight districts, Fr. River Sims offers pastoral care and the Sacraments upon request.
  • Referrals: Information and referrals are made for housing, medical/psychiatric services and substance abuse treatment programs as appropriate.
  • Crisis Intervention
  • HIV Prevention and Education
Man Playing Guitar - Catholic Workers in San Francisco, CA

Call Us Today At ? (415) 305-2124

Temenos Catholic Worker

P.O. Box 642656
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 305-2124
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