This is your farm with no mud.

Enhanced ground stability for high-traffic horse areas.

Create a Safer, Healthier, and More Beautiful Environment for Your Horses with Lighthoof Mud Management Panels

Mud-free. Forever.

Thin-walled, flexible plastic ground stabilization grid panels support and protect the footing in horse paddocks, gate areas, and pathways.

Learn More

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  • Lighthoof Flexible Mud Panel
  • Lighthoof Gravel Stabilizer
  • What Lighthoof Looks Like After Installation
  • Lighthoof Ground Stabilizing Grid
  • Lighthoof Easy Installation
  • Easy to Install Ground Stabilization Grid
  • Lighthoof Honeycomb Gravel Stabilizer
  • How to Lay a Ground Stabilization Grid
  • Installing Lighthoof Mud Management Panels
  • How to Lay Honeycomb Gravel Stabilizer
  • Securing Ground Stabilizing Grid
  • Cut Away Excess Lighthoof Material
  • Lighthoof Prior to Gravel Fill
  • Filling Ground Stabilizing Grid with Gravel
  • Easily Rake Gravel into Lighthoof
  • Lighthoof Horse Mud Management Finished
  • Easy Maintenance Horse Mud Control
  • Flexible Mud Management Panels

How It Works

Watch how Lighthoof’s stretchy, 6′ x 12′ panels ground stabilization grid hold gravel in place to solve mud related issues on horse farms. We've made mud management simple!
Lighthoof is the long-term, low-maintenance solution for paddocks, pastures and loafing areas.

Long-term, Low-maintenance

Lighthoof is ideal for high traffic areas.

For All High Hoof-Traffic Areas

Lighthoof saves you time and money in paddock management.

Cheaper and Faster to Install

Lighthoof offers significant health benefits for horses.

Prevents?Vet Bills/Injuries

Join thousands of horse owners who've made their paddocks, stall runs, and gate areas mud-free using Lighthoof!
  • Dr Sarah Jane Owens DVMI installed my Lighthoof panels in front of my new run in shelter, about 9 months ago. I am super happy with it. Overall, it was very easy for me and my young assistant to install in one day.

    Dr. Sarah Jane Owens DVM
    (Issaquah, WA)

  • John G from Orcas Island uses Lighthoof mud management panels.Installation went well, is it odd I’m looking forward to rain?

    John G.
    (Orcas Island, WA)

  • CJ Millar from New Jersey is rehabbing her horses thanks to Lighthoof.I’m rehabbing two horses right now and ensuring that their needs are attended to, and that – when allowed – they get to stretch their legs in a quiet, dry, mud-free environment has been the core focus for them. When it comes to keeping the ground firm and solid, Lighthoof panels are a must when considering turnout options for a horse in rehab.

    CJ Millar
    (Northern New Jersey)

Lighthoof makes it easy to be permanently mud-free.

  • Lighthoof panels protect and hold your gravel investment in place.
  • Perfect for all high hoof-traffic spots, such as gates, pathways, and feed areas.
  • Simple DIY installation, even in challenging terrain. If you'd rather have a contractor or landscaper do it for you, we will teach them how!
  • If you live in the continental US, we will ship your panels right to your farm for FREE.
Lighthoof is easy to order and ships for free!
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