Researchers at MIT recently developed an adhesive tape that allows surgeons to seal internal wounds and that can readily stick to slippery internal surfaces, as a potential replacement for sutures. However, the adhesive worked a little too well, and was difficult to remove or adjust without causing irritation or tissue damage. Now, the research team has developed a new version of the tape that can be readily detached from the tissue surface by applying a liquid solution. The development makes the tape safer and easier to use, and allows surgeons...Read More

June 22nd, 2020 by Medgadget Editors
3NT Medical, a company based in Israel, has won FDA clearance to introduce its Colibri Micro ENT Scope in the United States. The single-use device was designed to make surgical procedures a bit easier for otologists. The device features built-in suction for two-handed operation, a 2.2 mm tip, and a light handle that's easy to work with when inside the ear. Being a disposable device, there's no reprocessing necessary and it cannot serve as a vector for the transmission of disease between patients. The Colibri lets physicians perform minimally invasive...Read More
Since it seems that the virus that causes COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while, face masks will be around as well. As everyone who hasn't worked in the OR before just noticed, not seeing the entirety of people's faces influences how we interact with each other. Smiling, for example, completely loses the effect that it is meant to produce in others. And while this is a nuisance and discomfort for most people, those that are deaf or hard of hearing can't see lip movement and therefore...Read More

June 19th, 2020 by Medgadget Editors
Surgery has a reputation as being an intellectual profession, but a lot of the actual practice of surgery involves simple, routine tasks that are performed on nearly every patient. Suturing is one of those and a team of researchers from University of California Berkley and Intel thinks that it is possible to teach a robot to suture by having it learn from videos of suturing performed by real surgeons. This may one day allow human surgeons to focus on their core tasks while letting robots do the monotonous work. The...Read More
Medtronic won the EU CE Mark for its MiniMed 780G closed loop insulin pump that features both Medtronic's own SmartGuard algorithm and MD-Logic, an algorithm developed by DreaMed Diabetes, a small Israeli firm. The system, indicated to be used by patients with type 1 diabetes between ages 7 and 80, automatically delivers both basal insulin and correcting boluses every five minutes, if necessary. Such close monitoring and control of blood glucose levels may help patients stay within a healthy range while reducing worry about forgetting to track every instance of...Read More
Scientists at Purdue University are reporting a skin patch that can deliver chemotherapy into melanoma tumors in an effective, convenient, and painless way. This may be an important development, as currently chemotherapy delivery options are limited and result in systemic exposure in the whole body and/or poor effectiveness. Previous attempts at chemotherapy delivery via a patch required the use of large needles, which themselves dissolved way too fast once inside the skin to maintain continuous drug delivery. “We developed a novel wearable patch with fully miniaturized needles, enabling unobtrusive drug...Read More
Neopenda, a medical device startup based in Chicago that has been featured on Medgadget previously, has recently adapted its wearable vital signs monitor, originally developed for newborns, to be used with pediatric and adult patients in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, the neoGuard has been utilized as a monitoring solution for newborn infants in hospitals in Uganda. The wearable wirelessly streams vital signs, such as respiration rate, to a phone or tablet computer, allowing healthcare staff to monitor newborns on the move or remotely. The technology has been...Read More
Medtronic won the European Union CE Mark for its Micra AV pacemaker that's delivered into the heart, where it resides without requiring any leads, using a minimally invasive transcatheter procedure. The device is indicated for patients suffering from AV block, a condition that prevents proper electrical signal transfer between the atria and the ventricle. Micra AV addresses this condition by continuously monitoring the physical movement of the heart, using a built-in accelerometer, and adjusting how it paces the ventricle at every heartbeat. "This new device not only stimulates but is...Read More
After a long wait, the FDA has finally cleared Abbott's FreeStyle Libre 2 continuous glucose monitor in the U.S. for any patients with diabetes over four years of age. The system provides low and high glucose level alarms, which let patients know in real-time if they’re falling outside of their normal range and it doesn't require any fingersticks to calibrate it. Such technology can allow for significant improvements in patient comfort while offering exciting new capabilities for improved glucose management. The FreeStyle Libre 2 can take blood glucose readings as...Read More

June 16th, 2020 by Medgadget Editors
Philips is releasing a fetal monitoring device in the United States designed to help pregnant women and their physicians keep a close eye on what's going on in the womb, while maintaining respect for ongoing social distancing recommendations. The Avalon CL Fetal and Maternal Pod and Patch are being made available thanks to the current emergency guidelines unveiled by the FDA in April in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The system allows clinicians to keep a continuous eye on the mother's and child's heart rates, as well as uterine activity,...Read More
Samsung is releasing its top-of-the-line RS85 Prestige diagnostic ultrasound system. The device sports Samsung's latest hardware and software technologies, such as Crystal Architecture, to produce high quality ultrasound images. Moreover, the system can run a dozen or so intelligent software features that fine tune image quality in specific situations and provide measurements, assessments of blood flow, and other useful metrics. Some of the capabilities of the RS85 Prestige include LumiFlow, which makes color Doppler look like 3D, making it more intuitive to recognize where blood vessels are. ShadowHDR recognizes ultrasound...Read More

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