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Air Showers
& Misting Showers
Cleanroom Filtration
& HEPA Filters
Cleanroom Benches
& Fumehoods
Atmos-Tech Industries
Cleanroom Storage
& Transport
Through Wall
Pass-Thru Systems
Designers & Manufacturers of Controlled Environments

Atmos-Tech is a Designer & Manufacturer of CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT & CLEANROOM PRODUCTS

Atmos-Tech Industries ORIGINAL CUSTOM DESIGNS Atmos-Tech produces original custom designs using
the most advanced technology available in the field.
Our equipment is built, tested, shipped, delivered and
certified with a very high level of undivided attention
and accountability.
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Atmos-Tech Industries Leader in the field of contamination control Atmos -Tech Industries has been a leader in the field
of contamination control for over forty years. During this
time we have proficiently designed and manufactured
many types of equipment specializing in the following:
  • Clean Rooms
  • Fan Filters
  • Air Showers
  • Misting Showers
  • Laminar Flow Benches
  • HEPA and ULPA Filters
  • Pass - Thrus
  • Garment Lockers
Atmos-Tech Industries | Designers & Manufacturers of Controlled Environments
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