Searchen Networks? – by Internet Marketing Services Inc.

Internet Marketing Services Inc., owner of U.S. federal trademark SEARCHEN NETWORKS?, is an online marketing company specializing in search engine optimization (SEO)?and?search engine marketing (SEM). For nearly two decades,?SEARCHEN? has been providing Internet marketing services and web related solutions to clients throughout the United States. Our team specializes in website marketing services designed to provide preferential treatment in search engines and increase online traffic. We also provide expert web services including programming and development which effectively allows business owners to reduce their operating expenses by providing contracted (rather than employed)?server administration,?content marketing, webmaster services and much more.

Contracting out services to SEARCHEN? rather than maintaining your own in-house employees for what is easily and sufficiently delivered remotely creates tremendous savings opportunities for small and medium sized businesses; a necessary component for success in today’s highly-competitive environment. So don’t wait; find out how we can super-charge your Internet presence while at the same time, minimizing your operating expenses by contacting us today.

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Lead Generation

Dominate your market and find new customers faster with search engine advertising. Get a free no hassle quote today.

Web Consulting

Experts in online marketing and advertising handle all your marketing needs while you focus on and run your business.

Local Solutions

Target customers who search for local services online using map sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Google Maps and Bing Places.

Marketing Assistance

Effective marketing strategies to attract new customers already looking for products and services you're ready to deliver.

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