On order:

6 hides of silver lambskin (Pearlized “Smoke”), 9 square feet each
1 hide of black patent leather, 6 square feet
1 hide of black suede goatskin, 8 square feet
1 scrap of black suede goatskin, 2 square feet
5 yards x 63 inches of Kevlar type K-159 style 779 (correctional facility stab-resistant)
2 square feet of Silver/Nylon conductive cloth

Stuff I already have:

Black Sun Silky anti-static nylon liner
3M Thinsulate 100 weight


Common Sense “twist lock” fasteners, cloth-to-cloth
300 meters of Gutermann grey polyester upholstery thread
regular all-purpose black polyester thread for the lapel stitching
thin cheap thread for overlocking leather edges
zippers for lining

Pattern: Walker’s Western Wear of Arizona pattern M-9206 (Long Hunt Coat)

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I like coffee.? Coffee is a tree native to South America, and the seeds of the tree make a popular beverage known for it’s stimulant qualities.? It’s such a useful stimulant that just about every country with enough economically-feasible land for growing coffee trees has at least a little of their own now*.? The idea is to get the little hard seed out of the fruit, roast it, grind up the roasted bean, steep it in boiling water or blast it with steam, and then add milk and honey.
Think about all the machinery and technology involved with making this bitter boiled bean juice.? I mean, really?? REALLY?? Coffee tech involves roasters and toasters and antique brass expresso makers and yeah, I’m old enough to remember the 5 O’Clock Coffee grinder at the end of every check-out aisle at the A & P Grocery Store.

The chemistry of the active ingredients is well known.? Caffeine, another one of those handy xanthine derivatives from the botanicals of South America, is the main base stimulant.? The organic botanical nature of the base ingredient creates a brazillion (pun intended) different mixtures of oils and bitter alkaloids which can be prepared in so many different ways, the culture of coffee preparation and consumption rivals many complex foodstuff lifecycles.? It’s not just about the caffeine, caffeine is available over the counter from discount pharmaceutical supply merchants at a fraction of the cost of coffee, and yet saturated overkill location coffee product franchises continue to post profits from the sale of their highly fashionable and?pragmatically socialized boiled bean juice mixtures.

As usual, I’ve sought ways to amplify a good thing into a fantastic thing.? I believe I have succeeded.? Let’s take this consumable but otherwise slightly sub-miraculous bean brew and add another known complex chemistry family… alcohol.

Mixing stimulants and depressants?? Nothing new here.? This is a pretty mild form of dosing which I credit Shelton and Mavrides with terming “Crisis Crank”.? Not sure what, but something is going to happen.

This is my Saturday morning coffee.??? I use a generous sized shot glass and proportion thusly:

  • 1 part Cointreu (or Gran Marnier), French orange flavored liqueur
  • 3-4 parts Bailey’s Irish Cream (I recommend the regular flavor, but the Mint Chocolate, Caramel, and other flavor variants are tasty)
  • 2 parts Frangelico (Italian Hazelnut liqueur)
  • 2 parts Kahlua (Mexico)
  • fill remainder of adequate vessel with strong coffee


* I’m pretty sure that Antarctica still has to import coffee

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“Would I benefit the planet more by ceasing Facebook use, or simply by lighting my f*rts?”


Thank you for NOT sending in videos of either.

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I have recently had the luxury of not running my current commuter car into the ground with overuse and lack of repair.? It is/was a 2001 Volvo S60, which currently has 86K miles on it.? I’ve driven it 76K miles in 10 years.? It’s been far better than any car I’ve owned or used before with respect to reliability and ease of use.


It’s getting old.? It’s at an age where things start to break with increasing frequency, and I’m just not sure if I want to deal with that, as I’m getting old too.? 2001 was one of the last purely European design years for Volvo, I knew Ford was getting their hands into it soon.? I knew I didn’t want a gasoline-only powered car again, but I wasn’t sure if the world had gotten anything else to work yet.

There was a lot of talk about Chevrolet’s Volt.? I anticipated a glorified golf cart.? I was wrong, and the more I found out about it, the more I liked it.

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Italian canned anchovies
Mario ‘party stuffer’ pitted empty olives
Hendrick’s Gin

Dump the olives in a big bowl and pour off the water.? Open the anchovies and pour off the liquid. Optionally, chop the anchovies two or three times.? Grasp an olive in one hand, and an anchovy in the other, and shove the fish into the olives.? Put the olives back in the jar.

Put a big slanty triangular martini glass into the freezer.? Pour the cheapest possible white vermouth over ice, shake once, pour off most/all of the vermouth (to taste).? Pour in Hendricks, cap and shake hard (gin is evil, beat it up) for 30 seconds (hum Jeopardy!).? Strain into cold glass.? Add two or three olives on a toothpick.? Let melt slightly, when the temperature is correct for drinking, both the olive and anchovy oils with become translucent in droplets floating on top. Femtoscopic microcosms will be evolving in your hand, so hold carefully and sip slowly.? May cause hallucinations, convulsions, conniption fits, death, out of body experiences, kundalini enlightenment, elephantiasis of the genitals, and/or intoxication.

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Send bitcoins here:

Send Bitcoin Donations here: 14rqQABNMjFW3P1kqpv2UGoAuueRcb1Sb4


I’ve become a fan of bitcoins.? They make sense to me.

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Here are some pics of a Zenith console TV converted to a home theatre (HTPC) machine.

I don’t watch much TV.As a computer developer, I watch plenty of video monitor without needing non-interactive push-feed broadcast television.I think that maybe some of us remember when TV was actually paid for by advertising and broadcast directly to you for FREE.Paying for cable or satellite, and then STILL having commercials is just a bit too much for me.It’s not that good, I can’t interact with it.The biggest problem I have with TV programming is the sheer amount of fabricated malarkey… politicians that spout baldfaced lies (“non-factual statements”), fantasy garbage under the premise of “science fiction”, and “News” programs on television about television characters on television programs.The half-life of my “Willing Suspension of Disbelief” is about 10 nanoseconds, which is slightly further than I can barf at the speed of light.? So most of my personal video to eyeball input is pre-selected recordings playback.? I get a couple hours of live “TEEVEE” a week in the pub, but that’s mostly it.

I’ve never paid for a “TV” with a tube.I did own a television receiver, I have a couple actually.One of them I won in a raffle when I was pretty young, it is not in use as it is a model well-known to spontaneously catch fire and burn down houses (however it does work very well and was used many years).?I’ve purchased plenty of computer monitors and a few tuner cards to watch TV on them.

The one in my living room was a Zenith console.

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I have acquired a 40 watt infrared CO2 laser engraver.? Here are some pictures and notes on how it works.

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The original Grow Light project is reportedly working very well.? It’s encouraging enough that I’ve gone ahead and designed and ordered the parts for another one.? This time, I’ll use a new driver chip that can handle the full amperage that the Led Engin LZ1 5-watt LEDs can use.

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I’m making a 315MHz radio.? It will feature an Atmel microcontroller, a Texas Instruments ISM band radio, a client USB connector, a flash memory chip, 4 optoisolated transistor outputs, and a JTAG programming interface.

This radio will be a small platform for home automation attempts.? The obvious first task for it will be to control the wall switch dimmer for the Bright Lights project, but this dimmer interface (Maxim Dallastat and D flip-flop) I’m going to use elsewhere as well.? I have so, so much work to do before I can begin to actually consider practical purposes.? I have to set up communications standards, program the mesh networking, generate encryption keys, program encryption algorithms, program boot protocols.

Here is the board

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