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Industry Applications for Aerospace


Aerospace companies need materials testing and metallographic support that never lets the down. With reliable equipment, intuitive maintenance and a highly skilled service team, Buehler has become a trusted partner to the corporation that take science to new heights. Our hardness equipment and services assist quality control labs in NADCAP compliance. See the recent article discussing how Buehler partners with the aerospace industry.

Metals, composites and polymers are all tested to our highest standards with our metallurgical testing a complete line of consumables and testing equipment. Buehler's aerospace solutions are developed specifically for validating material and component reliability, and undergo a five-stage quality control process. Consistency and reproducibility are key to the aerospace industry. We then take the time to train customers - whether on-site ot at one of our labs - to be abe to use our equipment with ease and interchangeable personnel. Our aerospace solutions are ideal for applications that include:

  • Turbine Blades
  • Fasteners
  • Aircraft Structure
  • Spray & Fusion
  • Advanced Composites
  • Additive Manufactured Components
  • Composites
Industry Applications for Automotive


Buehler was one of the first manufacturers to specialize in metallographic sample preparation equipment fo the automotive industry, and has been a trusted partner to original equipment manufacturers and component suppliers ever since. Material scientists, researchers and technicians trust the Buehler brand name not just for reliable equipment, but also for deep expertise and prompt service. We deliver robust testing equipment and consumables specific to high-demand automotive applications, including:

  • Suspensions & Steering Components
  • Case-Hardened Crankshafts
  • Connectors
  • Aluminum & Steel
  • Fasteners
  • Welded Structures
  • Gears
  • Infrared Line Sensors
  • Composite Materials
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Batteries
  • Spark Plugs
Industry Applications for Electronics


The electronics industry moves a mile a minute, and Buehler is right there alongside the most ambitious and innovative manufacturers every step of the way.

Our flexible equipment and streamlined processes bring reliability and consistency to components testing during product development. Meanwhile, our commitment to after-sales support makes us a leader in metallographic equipment and consultancy for electronics makers. Buehler's field experts are highly skilled, thoroughly trained, and stationed at labs across the World. We provide equipment and consumables for:

  • PCB Component Verification
  • Solder & Joint Analysis
  • Sensors & Components
  • Interconnect & Wiring Looms
  • IPC Through Holes
  • Electronic Components
Industry Applications for Manufacturing


Buehler is the name manufacturers trust for reliable metals and alloys testing equipment and consumables tailored to their needs. For more than 80 years, we have been delivering robust solutions with dedicated support to eliminate downtime.

Our depth of knowledge enables us to verify the composition of primary metals and alloys quickly and easily to provide the right equipment, at the right size, the the right specifications. With hands-on training, on-demand servicing and a vast network of industry experts across the World, Buehler is always there to ensure you are getting the most out of your partnership with us. Our specialized equipment and consumables help manufacturers test:

  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Castings & Forging
  • Welded Components & Weld Integrity
  • Composites
  • Ceramics
  • Additive Materials
Industry Applications for Energy


The energy industry pushes materials to their limits, whether through gas-fired turbines, oil and gas operations or renewable technologies, such as wind and solar. Buehler rises to the challenge every time with metallographic equipment and consumables designed to power ingenuity, sustainability and excellence. We have a deep understanding of geology and how it correlates to materials testing equipment and consumables. We also have a core commitment to service and support, leading many of the world's most recognizable energy suppliers to call on us when they analyze:

  • Tubing, Pipes, & Support Structures
  • Steam Chests & High-Pressure Vessels
  • Down-Hole Components
  • Turbine Blades
  • Composite Materials
  • Mining & Mineralogy
  • Solar
Industry Applications for Education / R&D

Education / R&D

Government agencies and research facilities from around the globe have turned to Buehler for innovative and robust lab solutions, service, support, and expertise for 80 years and counting. We're one of the oldest and most trusted names in materials analysis. From the best sample quality to the broadest depth and breadth of consumables available today, we make it easy to get the precise results you expect. We encourage and promote original thinking - just like the organizations we partner with. There's no easier way to meet the challenges of today's exacting metallography application.

Buehler equipment is intuitive, reliable and durable - all essential whether you are learning the principles of metallography or involved in research. We're also known for our hands-on support and expert training that provides in-depth knowledge. Be sure to check out our training. Buehler provides everything you need to section, mount, grind, polish, and analyze materials, including:

  • Advanced Ceramics
  • New Alloys
  • Composite Materials
  • Thin Films & Coatings
  • EBSD
  • Coatings
  • Metallics
Industry Applications for Medical

Medical Devices / Healthcare Equipment

Buehler is a trusted name in the medical community, supporting the life-changing advancements of medical device manufacturers, material suppliers and researchers. As an early and ongoing innovator of material analysis equipment and consumables for Class II and Class III devices, we bring extensive knowledge of proper testing processes to the highly technical areas of medical product development, manufacturing, academic research and quality control. Our expertise includes:

  • Instrumentation
  • Fasteners
  • Catheters & Valves
  • Microelectronics
  • Micro-Welding
  • Artificial Joints
  • Dental
  • Bone
  • Implants

Our Global Service Teams are Committed to You
Protect your investment and ensure consistent performance, minimize downtime and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs with Buehler Preventative Maintenance and Calibration Services.

As a valued customer, we appreciate your partnership and are here to support you with repair services and spare parts under warranty and beyond.
Genuine Spare Parts
Buehler supplies parts for all equipment, including obsolete machines for a minimum of 5 years after discontinuation.
Preventative Maintenance
Customers site or in factory inspection, cleaning, and spare parts exchange.
Extended Warranty
Extend your complete warranty by 12 months including 100% coverage of parts and labor.
On-Site Repair Services
Certified technicians will inspect and repair machines on-site or at Buehler's factory.
Loaners & Equipment Rental
Loaner machines available for weekly rental (USA only).
Technical Support & Training
Available by phone or email to answer questions.
Professional Installation
Certified technicians will unpack equipment, connect to utilities, set parameters and do basic training.
Calibration services for hardness testers & microscopes according to ISO 17025. Accredited for direct or indirect verification.
Refurbished Machines
Machines have been inspected, repaired and tested to ensure 100% performance.
Preventative Maintenance
Ensure consistent performance of equipment, minimize production downtime and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs with Buehler Preventative Maintenance and Calibration Services. Our team of experts aim at helping you with specialized services throughout the materials preparation and analysis market offering scheduled inspections, priority services and a lot more!
Learn about the maintenance plans Buehler Preventative Maintenance & Calibration Service Brochure.For the Buehler Preventative Maintenance Plans please contact
The Partner for Your NADCAP Success
Since 1936 Buehler has been a leading supplier of materials preparation, hardness testing equipment and accessories for industrial manufacturers. For more than 100 years Reicherter, Wolpert, and Wilson? have designed and manufactured innovative and unique hardness testers. Today Buehler continues in their path with new designs and technologies to meet growing demands. In 2011, Wilson Hardness was combined with Buehler to provide a more robust product offering for the ITW Test and Measurement division.
Wilson Hardness Block Calibration Laboratory ISO/IEC 17025
The Buehler Wilson? Reference Block Laboratory in Binghamton, NY, has achieved accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 by A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) for Rockwell, Knoop, Vickers and Brinell hardness test blocks and indenters. A2LA is in full conformance with the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC), including ISO/IEC 17025. Buehler markets the reference blocks along with the Wilson hardness testers and DiaMet software globally.
About Buehler

uehler Celebrates 100 Years with Wilson Hardness
Buehler is a manufacturer of metallographic testing equipment including scientific instruments & supplies for cross-sectional material testing. Buehler’s sectioning, mounting, grinding and polishing, imaging and analysis and hardness testing metallographic equipment along with consumables are used by metallurgical, metallography, petrography, research & development, university laboratories, quality control departments and failure analysis facilities for the analysis of all types of materials, including ceramics, composites, semiconductors, metals, rocks and minerals, and plastics. Buehler is well established as the world's leading supplier of metallographic sample preparation and analysis instruments, equipment, consumable supplies and application solutions.
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Five Fundamentals for Efficient Materials Sample Preparation

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May 4, 2020
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March 9, 2020
Buehler Presents a Tour of the Wilson Hardness Laboratory in Lake Bluff, Illinois

In honor of the Wilson centennial, Matthias Pascher, Hardness Product Manager is presenting a video tour of Buehler’s Wilson line of hardness testers. ...

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