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Using our two key recovery strategies allows us to strategically adapt to all types of health benefit denials and allows us to STAND ALONE as a leader in out-of-network healthcare.


ARM serves Ambulatory Surgery Centers, doctors and ERISA plans. Our motto here at ARM is “Successful Reimbursement!” This is the maximum reimbursement you are legally entitled to under all federal and state laws and ERISA plan terms.


We have developed superior “ERISA revenue cycles” for preventing the multiple industry pitfalls that most healthcare providers fall prey too. Continually creating strong recovery strategies and foundations in ERISA allows us “Successful Reimbursement.”

“Above and Beyond”

At ARM we go the extra mile to protect our clients. We encourage patient advocacy through voluntary compliance to all PPACA mandates. We appeal 100% of insurance denials to recover the highest possible insurance responsibility.

ARM Yourself !

Welcome to Acclaim Recovery Management (ARM)

We are a full service billing, coding and ERISA recovery company. Our consultants are highly trained ERISA/PPACA appeal specialists whose main goal is to maximize reimbursement on all denied/underpaid claims. The concept behind ARM was years in the making. It was a formed based on a?need for surgical center owners and professional doctors to collect the proper healthcare reimbursement for their claims. Since, 2010 we noticed decreased provider reimbursements and longer payment wait times from all Insurance carriers. In response to these denial tactics we have created sure-fire out-of-network billing and recovery strategies.

Our recovery strategies are based on two key programs:

  1. ?Fraud, abuse and prevention compliance
  2. ?ERISA/PPACA appeal compliance

These billing and recovery strategies are now the core service of ARM.

ERISA governs and controls 100% of your employer based healthcare reimbursements. ERISA supersedes all state insurance laws when your dispute is a denial of benefits. Unless you practice ERISA/PPACA appeals to make your collection process a reality, you’ll never receive maximum reimbursement of your claims. ERISA claim regulations are the best out-of-network insurance laws in the USA; unfortunately the lack of understanding by health care providers and billing and collection companies, allow hundreds of millions of dollars in ERISA appeal money to get indirectly shifted to patient’s responsibilities.

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