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Welcome to BullpupForum.com!

This site is a comprehensive discussion of Bullpup Rifles and Bullpup Shotguns.  Follow the linked forum logo below.
Shooting sports are inherently dangerous.  Any discussion, advice, and/or experiences should not be taken as expertise.  Always follow manufacturers recommendations, all laws and rules for your location, and above all apply common sense, siding with safety first.

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Popular Bullpup's:  FS2000

This week's featured Bullpup is the FN-FS2000.  Chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO (223 Rem.), the FS2000 is a semi-automatic bullpup rifle.  Originally with a built-in optic, but most recently, with an integrated MIL-STD 1913 top mounting rail and emergency backup folding sights.  The FS2000 bullpups are gas operated and use a rotating bolt.  Fired cases are ejected through a forward port away from the operator.  The polymer stock is fully-ambidextrous, and can be operated by right or left-handed shooters without making any modifications to the weapon.

FN no longer imports the FS2000 into the US, but the rifles are still around and loved by owners and fans.

F2000 is the nomenclature for the military/law enforcement model, with a shorter barrel, and selective fire capability.

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This site is a comprehensive forum about Bullpup rifles and shotguns.From the iconic and universally recognized Steyr AUG, to the precision bolt action sniper bullpups, to the 12 gauge bullpup scatterguns, all the way to the rim-fire bullpups, BullpupForum.com is the site dedicated to those who love Bullpups!

Suggestions and input are welcomed! Feel free to contact me at : Sgt_P@BullpupForum.com

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This is a public forum, so please take any discussion as information, but that does not infer that the information is accurate, safe, or complete, and should never be relied upon as expertise!

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