Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life in Roma: Sara Young

Buongiorno from Roma! I am very excited that I can take a break from homework to write to you fine women!

Being here in Rome has been a total dream come true for me. There are endless things to do and see here. My school lies right across the bridge from the beautiful Castel Sant’Angelo, due east of St. Peter’s Basilica and Vatican City. Our classes are really awesome because we have required field trips every Wednesday all around the city. I get to see and study places like the Colosseum, Vittoriano, Roman Forum, Pantheon and Vatican for class credit! I am also a part of a photography class which is great because I can bring more of a creative eye to the photos I will be bringing home. Whenever I have down time or breaks between classes, I usually just take a walk and get lost (voluntarily). It continuously blows my mind that you can turn a corner and be greeted by a monument that was built long before our time. I have been told that it takes a lifetime to fully understand Rome… I think that is the understatement of the year!

I have had the pleasure of seeing beautiful places inside of Italy as well as out. One of my favorites so far has been wine tasting in Tuscany with my IES program! My upcoming trips include Springfest in Munich, hiking in Cinque Terre, and visiting friends in Belgium and Ireland before I return home. Although I am very excited to start my internship at Abbott Labs this summer, I am not looking forward to the day that I hop on a plane for the last time.

Being abroad has taught me that transition and change is not easy, but it is totally worth it. Pushing yourself in a situation like this brings you to a new level of independence. I have learned a lot about this city and a lot about myself during my time here. Next time I walk past the Trevi Fountain I will toss in a coin and make a wish for my Wibbers!

Ciao ragazze, e buona Pasqua!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Maggie Morrissey takes on London

Cheers from London, Wibbers!

I miss you all so much! I'm currently deep into studying for my finals this week. It is so beautiful outside, so it is a drag being stuck inside studying! Luckily, London has a lot of green space and parks, so yesterday I laid in the grass and read "Hamlet" before my Shakespeare final.

I cannot believe my time abroad is almost over. Time flies by, doesn't it? I'm trying to enjoy every last second in this beautiful city before boarding my flight on Saturday. One of the greatest parts of the Study London program is that everyone on our program lives in the same dorm building, and there are tons of us here from IU. So, anytime I want to go explore the city and do something fun, I have lots of people who want to go with me! We are all trying to cross everything off our "London Bucket List" in these last few days.

Here are some things to add to your London Bucket List, if you are thinking of studying abroad here: walk through Regent's Park, eat the grilled cheese "toastie" at Borough Market, frolic around Picadilly Circus (during the day AND at night), channel your inner Hermione Granger at Platform 9 3/4 and the Harry Potter studio tour, paddle boat in Hyde Park, enjoy tea at Harrod's, stalk the royal family at Kensington Palace, have a drink at the top of the Shard, sing along at a concert at the O2 Academy Brixton, be artsy at the Tate Gallery of Modern Art, feel like you're in "What a Girl Wants" on the top of a double decker bus, take selfies in front of Big Ben, and dance the night away at Roxy on a Wednesday.

I'm going to miss it here, but I can't wait to see you all soon!



Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Travels in Denmark: Katie Addison

Hello Wibbers all the way from K?benhavn!  I hope all is going well in Bloomington!  I know you are all probably so excited thatthe warmer spring weather is finally here.

I have now been in Copenhagen, Denmark for a little overthree months and I have to say, I absolutely love it. Never did I think I’dvisit Denmark let alone call it home. The city is gorgeous, the classes areinteresting, and the pastries are dangerously good. 

The classes here are all veryfascinating.  Each professor has theirown way of doing things and their own way of connecting the course materialwith the Danish culture.  I have learned so much about Denmark’s history,values, and current outlooks.  Two weeksago I finished my midterms and was rewarded with a weeklong break fortraveling.   During my time in Europe, Ihave been lucky enough to visit Croatia, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin,Luxembourg, and still have some trips coming up.  All of these places have been absolutelyspectacular, eye opening, and really old.  Every time I visit somewhere new, I am constantly shocked by the amountof history present.  I recently saw afortress that was built in 963.  The fact that there was no number 1 before the 963 was hard towrap my mind around.

Thankfully, the weather here has gradually been gettingwarmer, which means Tivoli and the gardens will soon be opening!  I have heard that Copenhagen in the spring isbeautiful and unlike anything else.  Justin the recent days, when the sun has been out, I have seen more Danes out andabout then in all of January, February, and March combined.  I swear the population has either instantlytripled, or the Danes are finally coming out of hibernation.  I have just about a month left, and I have alot to see and do during that time.  Europehas been an amazing home to me.  I am noteven close to being ready to leave!

I miss you all!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kelly Shah: Ciao from Milan!

Ciao Wib! I am currently studying abroad in Milan,Italy, and loving it! Midterms are quickly approaching and I cannot believe mytime here is almost half way over! It has finally stopped raining in Milanallowing me to explore the city without an umbrella, and I am taking fulladvantage!  Last night I went to theNavigli, a canal lined with restaurants and bars, and went to a karoke bar.Hearing Italian men sing “Barbie Girl” in Italian accents sure was anexperience!  
I am also taking advantage of the diverse courseselection. One of my classes is called Managing Fashion and Luxury Brands, forour field study we went to the flagship store of Armani and into La Rinascente,a glamorous department store! My favorite class is Transcultural Psychology; westudy the difficulties in treating patients who are culturally diverse from thepsychotherapist. It is one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken!
On the weekends I have managed to do a lot oftravelling. My personal favorite was Istanbul! It was a beautiful city with somuch energy. We shopped in the spice bazaar and the grand bazaar, both of whichrequire strong bargaining skills! Another favorite was skiing in the alps at LaThuile. The view from the top of the mountain was above the cloud line and itlooked as though someone had pulled down a backdrop! 
I hope all is well in Bloomington! I miss you all!
Ciao Ciao Ragazze!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lindsey Ellington's trip to Hong Kong

Hello Wibbers! I’ve been abroad for 8 weeks now and have hadso many eye-opening experiences, both in Hong Kong and in other places. ForChinese New Year I traveled to Thailand where I stayed on the islands of KohChang and Koh Samet, and spent two days in Bangkok. In Koh Chang I rode andswam with an elephant and had the dead skin nibbled off my feet by fish inBangkok at a spa. It was a great 9 days but it was nice to head back to HongKong for a few weeks.

There is so much to see in Hong Kong. I’ve kept busy hiking,going to museums, studying, exploring Lamma Island and Macau, and eating lotsof great food. Yesterday we went to an afternoon tea, which is a very popularHong Kong custom that started during its time as a British colony. For twohours we feasted on a buffet of the most delicious and beautiful hors d’oeuvreand desserts. It was better than any tea party I could have imagined as achild.

While I make it a point to enjoy every possible momentabroad, this week I’m hard at work completing assignments in advance so that Ican travel next week with Taylor Stinson to Taiwan and the Philippines. I hopeeveryone enjoys spring break!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kate White: "Have It All"

Kate White, former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan, sharedfour bold success tips at our Women in Business Annual Conference. White’sexperience in the fashion, literature and magazine industries provide her withvast knowledge on how to succeed in an area.

Don’t believe everything you think. White referenced apivotal moment in her life: when she was promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo.After a call from her boss on a Sunday, Kate immediately thought she was firedbut instead, grasped the reigns of a multi-million dollar company. But she hadto be willing to challenge herself to fill and exceed the position’sexpectations. She advised us to take opportunities that will challenge us,especially roles others do not think we can strive in.

Go big or go home. While working at Cosmo, she constantlyasked herself “Better, Bigger, Bolder, Badass”. Then if it could be any more ofthose qualities, they would push the limits. White started to push out the voiceinside her head saying her best ideas were reckless and encouraged the same forus. To be successful don’t wait for permission and make them say wow not justgood job.

Stop worrying what others think about you. Kate spoke onasking for what you want in the workplace, regardless of being turned down.Being forward with what you want and believe you deserve is imperative to beingsuccessful.

Drain the swamp. Paying attention to the big picture and notthe little speed bumps is the ultimate perspective.

All four of these concepts created a moving, energetic andfunny keynote speech. Women in Business appreciates Kate White’s passion whilespeaking at our conference!


The Keystone Group representatives Linda Peddle, DanielleMoushon, and Gilli Mizrahi gave an inspiring presentation on what it means to“Have It All” in our morning portion of Conference.  The ladies focused on the fact that it isimportant to understand what “Have it All” means to you as an individual.  Linda informed WIB that your experiencesshape you, which will, in turn, define your life.  Most of the presentation was centered onfinding the right experiences in your life. The three concepts our Keystone representatives focused on were: (1)More is More—start broad and work your way in, (2) Dig In, and (3) Culture,Culture, Culture.

The idea of “more is more” is based on purpose, people, andindustry.  Danielle shared with us that weshould “leverage our strengths rather than support our weaknesses.”  Knowing that in the business world you willwork with many different people and personalities, it is crucial to learn fromthem and develop your own unique work style. In this sense, it is all about challenging your passion.  Make sure to immerse yourself in the companyand your life.  Finally, in order to“Have it All,” one must surround themselves with bright and passionatepeople.  Thank you to these awesomeladies for their great insight on how to “Have it All” and showing us how theyhave achieved that at Keystone!  We lookforward to seeing you around campus again soon!
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